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Course Overview

This course is focused on understanding how the figures of mythology influence the beliefs, culture, and ethics of contemporary people. A strong grasp of Mythology will help students as they head towards college where, in their literature and history courses, they will be expected to know and understand Mythological allusions and references. Major and Minor projects are listed below:


-Religious Connection

            -Modern Beliefs that Sound like Myths


-Egyptian Mythology

           -Gods Cheat Sheet

            -Egyptian Society Communicated through Myth

            -Ancient Egypt Prezi 

            -Write Your Own Explanation Myth

            -Modern Context Project


-Greek Mythology

            -Multicultural Creation Stories


            -Odyssey: A Literary Trip

            -Greek Couples: The Lovers

            -The Role of Women in Greek Society 

            -Zeus, King of the Gods

            -Affairs of Zeus Review Game

            -Ancient Greek Map Prezi

            -Jason and the Argonauts: The Hero of Many Events 

            -The Legend of Hercules

            -Seeking and Finding Allusions in Art


-Norse Mythology

            -The 9 Worlds of Norse Mythology

            -The Viking Ragnar Lothbrok 

            -The Importance of Human Sacrifice 


             -Viking Vocabulary Review Game

             -Norse Mythology Stories: Part 1 and Part 2



            -Superheroes Inspired by Islam 

            -Superheroes Assisting the Turning Points of History

            -Comic book Analysis Essay

            -Avengers vs. X-Men

            -Sexism, Misogyny, Hyper-Masculinity, and the Idolatry of “Ideal” Beauty

            -Create your own Hero  


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